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Aquaguard Customer Care Number New Delhi

Water purifiers have become a necessity in almost every household in India mainly due to increase in water pollution and chemicals that get washed off the soil into the rivers, wells and lakes. Water purifiers make the water pure and fit for human consumption. Aquaguard Service Center has been in the business of water purifying since decades and is one of the most trusted brands in the market. Be it in the capital city Delhi or a small town in New Delhi, everyone swears by the Aquaguard water purifiers for providing the best water quality and taste fit for human consumption.

So why buy Aquaguard water purifiers and what makes the brand so special? Here’s why we are rated the best water purifiers in the country -

Affordable prices
Compared to the other brands in the market, we have the most affordable prices of water purifiers that can fit everyone’s budgets. When you shop for these water purifiers online or in stores in Delhi or any big city, most of the times you receive the in-store discount or seasonal discounts which further reduces the price of these products. This way, you get an extremely efficient device for extremely affordable price!

Extremely durable
The Aquaguard water purifiers are known to be extremely durable which is why most people and Indian families lok at this as a one time investment. With proper maintenance and servicing, you can further increase the lifespan of the water purifiers. If you need any help with servicing appointments and agreements, you can get in touch with Aquaguard Customer Care Gurgaon and then can arrange a technician visit to your house for helping you with the servicing as well as resolving any issues regarding the water purifying machine.


100% customer satisfaction
Our team of customer care executives ensures that all your queries are attended to by helping you clear any doubts. We also ensure that your queires and issues related to Aquaguard servicing are resolved within 24 hours and a technician home visit is arrange with 2 business days. We have an assures 100% customer satisfaction rate from Delhi to Kerala, throughout the country! You can check the reviews online as well as the ratings to verify out guarantee as well.

Aquaguard Service Center in New Delhi (Delhi NCR)

Aquaguard has service centers in every city and town in every state of India! If you are looking for a good Aquaguard service center Number Delhi, then you can get in touch with us through our customer service centers by calling our toll free numbers. Our team of customer care executives are extremely qualified to handle all your queries and issues and will help you out with all your doubts, service related appointments etc. You can easily find an Aquaguard service center Delhi closest to your location which will deliver quick services and appointments for your Aquaguard servicing. Aquaguard has 3-4 services in a year which are completely free of cost in the first year. In case the candles in the filter need to be replaced, then you will need to pay some amount otherwise, the services are completely free! You need to renew our agreement every year for minimal amount to ensure you avail these services.

Apart from this, Aquaguard Repair center is also affordable and not extremely expensive which means that every person from every background can afford to own an Aquaguard water purifier which will easily last you more than a decade! A lot of online stores as well as offline electronics shops in Delhi have a lot of discounts on Aquaguard water purifiers so you can get it for an even more cheaper rate and save a few extra bucks! Get your hands on the Aquaguard water purifier today and drink healthy water!

A semi-permeable membrane is used in the RO purification system to eradicate a different kind of water contaminants like chemicals, ions, molecules, and larger particles and providing a safe drinking water. Being the National Capital of India, Delhi is the second most populated city in the country. In today’s world, the availability of improved water sources is limited; challenges can be immense and impact the quality of life in significant ways. Gaining access to safe drinking water is a serious issue affecting people of all ages worldwide. The Aquaguard Ro service center in Delhi is equipped with advanced and skilled technicians to resolve any issues related to the water purifier.

Aquaguard RO Service Center- Delhi offers a series of service to the people from that region. The services are as follows:

1. Information: - Aquaguard RO helpline numbers are available 24*7 to answer to all types of queries related to RO purifier.
2. Installation& Maintenance: - People from Aquaguard Customer care will provide quality installation of RO purifier machine at home as well as at commercial places. It provides the quality maintenance 365 days, at home as well as at commercial places.
3. Repair: - In case of any disturbance one can easily call the Aquaguard customer care number and book appointments. The serviceman will come and repair or do the needful.
4. Plans: AMC stands for Annual Maintenance Contracts. Aquaguard RO AMC is an extended warranty contract, under this contract, the services will be given free of cost, but the parts will be chargeable. Aquaguard RO customer care will help one to lead a tension free life.

Thus, by using Aquaguard RO purifier vulnerable individuals can acquire one of the most important resources needed to sustain daily existence, and obtain peace of mind in the process.

Our AMC Plan

Sr. No. AMC Price Service Filters Membrane Electrical Parts Faulty Parts
1 AMC Plan A 999.00
2 AMC Plan B 2499.00
3 AMC Plan C 2499.00
4 AMC Plan D 4099.00
5 AMC Plan E 4899.00
6 AMC Plan F 6099.00


Disclaimer:- Aquaguard RO Customer Service is an independent company of Eureka Forbes RO. Aquaguard Customer Care Service is a fastest growing service provider company & We undertake job work of Service, AMC, Repair & Maintenance of RO Systems, Customer Care Aquaguard RO is totally responsible for these and no relation to the parent company in any regards.